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Earning the $$ for your D.C. trip is simple:

Step 1: Determine if LockerWorks is a good fit for your lockers. Click here to complete our sample request form, and we’ll send you a free sample to display during your sale.

Step 2: Decide on:

The selling price – It’s up to you what to charge. The recommended retail price is $25–$30.Your cost will be $15 (includes shipping).The minimum order is 15 organizers, in any combination of our five colors.

The dates for your sale – You’ll need at least a week, and probably not more than three weeks—people don’t want to wait too long to get what they’ve ordered.

How people will order – online, on paper, or both

Step 3: Tell us what you decided and we’ll create customized flyers and order forms for you. We’ll also send you product cards and posters—as many as you need—for free! Click here for examples of each.

Step 4: Start selling! Spread the word on social media, email blasts, newsletters and flyers. Ask parents to take it to work, and call Grandma. 

Step 5: At the end of your sale, submit the online group order form. We’ll deliver to your school within five business days, and send your fundraiser chair the invoice. Please pay by check, credit card, or PayPal within 30 days.

Step 6: Deliver LockerWorks to your customers.

Step 7: Have a great trip – and don’t forget to send us pictures!